Now I can call myself a writer

I had always loved writing, I kept a diary from the age of 10, I am in my early 30’s and I still keep a diary. (Imagine). It took me a long time to decide that I was going to write full-time and once I made that decision there was no going back.

Writing wasn’t as easy as I envisioned it to be, it was a whole new ball game very different from keeping diaries and writing fairy tales stories. I soon discovered that writing wasn’t for the weak hearted because to become a published author you must go through numerous rejections, numerous hurdles. Right now any author I come across I really look at them in admiration, because getting your work out there isn’t as easy as ABC.

Ere’s Secret which is my first published work, a novelette is very dear to my heart. I hope you love the story when you read it, I hope you feel Ere’s pains, triumphs, hesitation and happiness. I hope you understand, even though it’s a little bit, what it feels like to be a woman in Africa.

I am signing of now. Watch this space as I share with you my writing journey and you can share yours as well.

Take care and have a lovely day


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